Problems with dual Athlons

Cezary Czaplewski czarek at
Wed Jul 31 18:01:10 PDT 2002

On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Steve Gaudet wrote:

> I agree here, 400w+ is needed.  Tyan claims that on the 2466 it's not,
> however, if you look at AMD's site they don't support this conclusion.

We have 17 dual K7 1800MP with Enlight 300W (HPC-300-101) and 15 dual
2000MP with Enlight 340W (HPC-340-101), both on Tyan S2466 Tiger MPX, and
they are rock solid under heavy load in our cluster. We are using 2.4.18
kernel and redhat 7.2

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