Is there any work management tools like that.

William Thies samsarazeal at
Tue Jul 30 07:43:27 PDT 2002

We need such kind of work management tools working on
a 32-node cluster.

Let me describe it briefly.

1. We will always run a very large master-slave
program on this cluster. The master will assign
independent jobs to avaliable slave nodes and the
slave node will process the job and return the result
to the master node. This is the main utilization of
this cluster. Let's call this large job GA.

2. Sometimes, we need to use this cluster to do other
(1) We want to power off 8 nodes first, and then use
those 8 nodes to test some VHDL code. And at that time
we don't want the GA program to use those 8 nodes,and
info the master nodes, those 8 nodes is not avaliable.
After finishing our use,then info the master node that
those 8 nodes come back.
(2) Sometimes, we need to reserve 16 or more nodes to
run other programs to get the speedup curves. We need
to tell the master node that we will reserve 16 nodes
for serveral minutes, during this time, those 16 nodes
are not avaliable for the GA program.

3. This should be a multi-user management tool.

Would you like to recommend some tools like that?
Thanks very much!

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