Max common block size, global array size on ia32

Josip Loncaric josip at
Wed Jul 24 04:29:39 PDT 2002

Craig Tierney wrote:
> I cannot find anywhere in the linux source where
> the max stacksize might be set.  It seems that
> it might be tied to 1 GB, but I cannot find it.

Linux stack size limit is set in kernel source to 8 MB, which made sense
years ago but not now.  To run a process which needs more than 8 MB, you
must increase the stack size limit using 'ulimit' beforehand.  If you
want to recompile your kernel with a larger default stack size limit,
edit the _STK_LIM definition in the following file:


However, as Chris has pointed out already, your problem may be related
to data segment size limit, not stack size limit.


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