absoft fortran compiler w/ MPICH-GM

William Gropp gropp at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Jul 19 10:42:44 PDT 2002

At 09:00 AM 7/19/2002 -0700, Tony Vu wrote:
>Has anyone had any experience configuring MPICH-1.2.1..7b from Myricom to 
>work with Absoft's fortran compilers(Pro Fortran v7.5)?  I've used the 
>following configure line with no success:
>./configure -nodevdebug -cflags="-I$GM_HOME/binary/include 
>              -opt=-O2  -device=ch_gm -noromio --enable-f90modules \
>              --lib="-L$GM_HOME/binary/lib/ -L$GM_HOME/lib/ -lgm -lpthread " \
>              -arch=LINUX -f90="/opt/absoft/bin/f90 -YEXT_NAMES=LCS 
> -YEXT_SFX=_" \
>              -fc="/opt/absoft/bin/f77 -f -N15" -prefix=/usr/local/mpich.new \
>              -cc=gcc -c++=g++ -rsh=/gridware/sge/mpi/rsh \
>                 >& config-mine.log
>When one of my users compiles his Fortran code he receives the following 
>superprogram.o(.text+0x10c68): undefined reference to `ZGETRF_'

ZGETRF is an LAPACK routine.  The problem probably has to do with the way 
the Absoft Fortran compiler maps names.  Fortran names are case insensitive 
(more precisely, the character set for symbols in Fortran is monocase), and 
most compilers interpret this by mapping all names to either all lowercase 
(almost all) or all uppercase (Cray compilers).  As far as I know, only the 
Absoft compiler allows the user to select all upper, all lower, or mixed 
case.  This is fine for a user that has all of the source under their 
control, but it means that libraries (like LAPACK) that are called from 
Fortran must be built multiple times for the different choices of name 
case.  The problem is that the users program is making the symbols upper 
case (possibly because MPICH 1.2.1 prefered that because then the Absoft 
versions of GETARG and IARGC are supported (As an example of the problems 
with the approach of allowing different name mappings, Absoft does not 
provide getarg and iargc entry points).  Later versions of MPICH worked 
around this; if at all possible, you should get the 1.2.4 version that 
include the ch_gm device from Myricom.


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