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> On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 03:50:41PM -0700, Andre Lehovich wrote:
> > We just had the campus cooling guy visit to prepare a cost
> > estimate.  He wanted to know if we want to regulate humidity
> > along with temperature.  A humidifier helps avoid static
> > electricity problems.  (We're in the desert, so even before
> > A/C the relative humidity is low.)
> I've never seen a real machine room without humidity regulation. I
> don't know if it costs a lot extra or not; I'd suspect it's only
> annoying in smaller units. Hm, even the itty bitty (2 ton?) units in
> the machine room here have humidity control in them.
> greg

I thought RGB would be all over the fact that more humid air would
conduct heat better. Actually I felt let down that I didn't get a long
and informative physics lesson, maybe I will be more lucky next week.


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