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Thu Jul 18 17:19:34 PDT 2002

On Thu, 18 Jul 2002, Andre Lehovich wrote:

> We just had the campus cooling guy visit to prepare a cost
> estimate.  He wanted to know if we want to regulate humidity
> along with temperature.  A humidifier helps avoid static
> electricity problems.  (We're in the desert, so even before
> A/C the relative humidity is low.)
> What are other cluster builders doing -- are you buying
> humidifiers along with the air-conditioners?

Round these parts our problem is the opposite.  If I waved a shirt
around outside for ten minutes right now, I could probably wring a
thimbleful of water out of it.  Both temperature and humidity are in the

In the winter, though, it can be quite dry.  We didn't get a humidifier,
but a) I always ground myself before handling hardware; b) one almost
never has to handle hardware in a well-burned in cluster room.  In fact,
weeks pass with no human even looking in at the nodes (except maybe by


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