Company computer utilization?

Dharsee, Moyez mdharsee at
Tue Jul 16 13:14:31 PDT 2002

> A much better way to utilize 'office PCs' for computation
> is by switching the office PCs to Linux altogether. This
> requires preparing a desktop which is Windows-like with
> all necessary tools available (wordprocessing, email,
> webbrowsing, spread sheet, presentations, calender, ...),
> and providing import and export functions for all standard
> windows formats .doc, .xls, .ppt and such.

A good idea in theory. However, as we have found at my workplace, this is
not an option as enterprise-level decisions on business software are
Microsoft-centered. Not to mention scientifc/analytical software that would
be at best difficult to emulate. I suppose Todd is faced with the same

> I think that this should be possible using perhaps StarOffice
> and some further development in this direction. Then there is
> no issue of rebooting. The PC is on the network running Linux.
> Some simple job scheduling which looks for low usage machines
> and you are running.

Hope we can get there someday though.

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