Serial Console

Timothy W. Moore moor007 at
Sat Jul 13 10:54:13 PDT 2002

This should be in the Redhat docs...and if it is, I have been unable to 
find it.

I built an 8-CPU cluster, and because I am not a linux guru, took the 
lazy route and used a KVM switch.  I upgraded my networking with GigE 
that now occupies the riser slot...former resting place of my video 
card.  I now want to upgrade to Redhat 7.3 without the benefit of a 
video card and have no idea where to begin.  The first question is I need a special card?  switch? The second question is 
software...what files do I change to redirect the ouput to com2(?)?  If 
there is an Idiot's guide (step by step) on the net, the URL would be 
greatly appreciated.  Remember...I know absolutely nothing about this 

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