Intel E7500 vs. Serverworks GC-LE for P4 XEON

Mark Hahn hahn at
Wed Jul 10 10:18:36 PDT 2002

> Anyone have any comments contrasting the Intel E7500 vs. the Serverworks
> GC-LE motherboards for Dual P4-Xeons?

at first glance, you might think they're identical!  dual Xeon, 128b-wide
PC1600 DDR, support for PCI-X, etc.

> I have seen various postings on the list about each, but no real comparisons.

the only difference I can see in the specs is that GC-LE's "inter module
buses", connecting the hostbridge to PCI-X, are 3.2 GB/s, versus 1 GB/s
on the E7500's MCH->P64H2 interface.  and E7500 supports three P64H2's.

does anyone have stream numbers on a GC-LE system?

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