Fan noise

Iwao Makino rickey-co at
Mon Jul 8 11:29:37 PDT 2002

At 12:17 -0500 8.07.2002, Pengcheng Zhang wrote:
>Is there a way to reduce the noise of fans? Our8-node cluster
>makes me feel like working in an airplane. They are running
>Redhat 7.3. The same problem happens on a PC. When it's under
>WindowsXP, it's really quite; but under Linux it's noisy.

You might want to check your current fan model(speed and
noise level) and compare with others.
You might be able to find same or faster speed(and more air-flow)
with less noise level.
But I won't go with slower speed.

Also, if you are using exact same hardware and PC is less noisy,
fan might have speed control with temperature sensor, and just
PC is not working as hard as Linux to produce load/heat.

Linux doesn't make fan any noisier than PC or the other way around.

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