problem with nfs install

Daniel Kidger Daniel.Kidger at
Fri Jul 5 04:31:22 PDT 2002


> well... i'm stumped. has anyone successfully kickstarted redhat7.3 via

     We also use pxe/dhcpd.conf/tftpboot to deliver a kernel and initrd and
then the Kickstart file in order to install nodes with RH7.3

In our case it works with no problems, both with http and nfs flavours.
viz from the kickstart file:

#--------- location of the RedHat RPMs et al. -------------
# choice of HTTP
#url --url
# or NFS
nfs --server --dir /opt/RH7.3

In our case the server is the head node of each cluster, hence it is running
the same Linux NFS as the worker nodes will use - is your NFS server Linux
also ? 


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