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> > Dear Colleagues,
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> > I have a budget around $40k CN to shop for a new computer system, which
> > will be used for MD simulation, virtual screening and some bioinformative
> > stuff. Currently, I am looking at two options: Origin 300 (2 cpu) or PC
> > Linux Cluster. I would like to hear your experience with these systems and
> > spend the limited budget right.
> > 
> > (1) An Origin 300 2cpu 500MHZ cost around $35k. Are you using this kind of
> > system? Do you have benchmark of MD simulation (such as Amber) for this
> > system? Do you regret your purchase?
> I cannot help you with the Origin side, but unless it delivers a
> stupendous number of floats per clock or has some other parameter
> (memory size or speed) that enables critical pathways for MD code, this
> is a pretty insane option.  See below.

The only reason you'd get an SGI box is if you need to visualize insane amounts 
of data. SGI still excells at being able to drive their visualization 
environment with a LOT of data without skipping a beat. That being said, your 
raw computational power requirement would be much better fullfilled by a 
Beowulf or Myrinet-style cluster. 

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