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>Where you said,Dan:

>Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2002 08:37:20 -0500
>From: Dan Yocum <yocum at>
>Subject: Re: NAS
>Organization: Fermilab
>Sorry to be a Johnny-come-lately to the discussion, but I noticed in the
>ALINKA clustering newsletter that you were discussing something very near
>and dear to my heart: big, cheap RAID arrays.
>I've "built" (read as, spec'ed out and had someone else build) 14 large NAS
>boxes for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey here at Fermilab, which totals about
>19TB right now.  That number will grow to about 50TB by the time our survey
>is done.  The CDF experiment just bought ~32TB in 15 boxes.  These all have
>3ware cards and big IDE disks, and you can't be 'em as far as
>bang-for-the-buck goes.  Final price is about half a penny per megabyte and
>they scream - ~100MB/s writes and >200MB/s reads.
>Anyway, I wrote up my experiences in a technical note here:

Hi Dan.
You might want to try this:
With the 3Ware cards, install Linux software RAID.
We get write performance up to twice as fast this way, and can use 2 of the 
3Ware's to make on RAID of up to 24 disks, or, using current Maxtor 160GB 
drives, 3TB net capacity.
Using the Maxtor 160's we get RAID5 writes of 85-90MB sec, and reads over 
With RAID0 we could go much faster, but that is a bit fragile.
If one drive fails out your whole RAID set is toast.
Note that is with the Maxtor drives that are only 5400rpm.
With faster/larger drives like the new Western Digital 200GB/7200rpm model 
early bench tests are showing us RAID5 writes of over 110MB/sec on a 16 
drive, 2.9TB RAID array.
Reads are over 200MB/sec as well.
One comment was made about the i860 chipset limiting bus speed on PCI. 
While this is a very real problem with i860, the 3Ware cards are 64 
bit/33MHz, so can't move data substantially faster than this in any case. 
Later, when they ship a 66MHz or PCI-X card we expect this to change.

BTW< using NFS3, on a dual AthlonMP board, we get much better NFS transfer 
rates than is mentioned in this web page. Probably the P3 coppermines are 
the bottleneck here, or the boards memory bandwidth..

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