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Subject: CCL:Origin300, Linux Cluster

Dear Colleagues,

I have a budget around $40k CN to shop for a new computer system, which
will be used for MD simulation, virtual screening and some bioinformative
stuff. Currently, I am looking at two options: Origin 300 (2 cpu) or PC
Linux Cluster. I would like to hear your experience with these systems and
spend the limited budget right.

(1) An Origin 300 2cpu 500MHZ cost around $35k. Are you using this kind of
system? Do you have benchmark of MD simulation (such as Amber) for this
system? Do you regret your purchase?

(2) What is the best configuration for a PC Linux cluster now?  Is your
cluster stable enough? For example, it only break down once a month
instead of once a week or two weeks. How do you take care of the maintance
issue? Do you keep a spare node to serve as spare parts for other nodes? 
How much it cost to mantain a PC cluster (service, parts, etc)?

If you make the choice, what kind of system would you go for it? Any
suggestion will be greatly appreciated. 

Best wishes,

Jian Hui Wu



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