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alvin at alvin at
Wed Jul 3 16:19:47 PDT 2002

hi ya

i been looking/poking around and trying to understand
	- what makes a cluster and 
	- what makes it work
	- which sw packages are required...
	- how to build it at the system level
	- what specific daemons for the "cluster"
	- how to keep the data on the disks in sync
	- and lots of fun stuff... keeps me outta trouble ??

	( um.. dont need a reply.. think i got my answers or
	( most of it anyway..

my collection of various cluster sw...
( i think i have a better idea now...but... now the budget
( problems to go and build and test it...

	- am mostly looking for HA clusters is my "toyz" am 
	looking to play with

c ya

On Wed, 3 Jul 2002, Daniel Kidger wrote:

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> Sent: 03 July 2002 09:52
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> Subject: Cluster Software
>  >  I'm about to do some testing on some Cluster Configurations and I want
> to test a couple of things with at  
> >  least two cluster software packages can someone recommend another Cluster
> Software Package bar this one.
> err. bar which one ?? 
> (i.e. are you implying Scyld ?)

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