problem with nfs install

Richard Walsh rbw at
Tue Jul 2 11:54:57 PDT 2002

On Tue, 2 Jul 2002, Greg MATTHEWS wrote:

> network installation this creates the RedHat directory and all its 
> subdirectories. the structure of the two exported versions looks identical, 
> its just that one works and the other doesnt!

One solution might be to mv the 7.2 stuff aside into say xxx
and then copy/mv the 7.3 tree into 7.2 former location. Use the
original 7.2 directory name in the kickstart config file. This 
does not explain the problem, but get around it.

If it fails it must be something in the cfg file or the 
contents of the 7.3 tree. I assume that your kickstart
disk is a 7.3 disk created from bootnet.img in the 7.3
images directory (not an old 7.2 disk).


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