Mark Hahn hahn at
Tue Jul 2 07:53:34 PDT 2002

> > E.g., can I NFS mount a 8TB file system under Linux? (kernel 2.4.18).
> No.  Even if filesystem can do 64bit support, the underlying block device
> (and other places, as well) uses 32bit count of 1k blocks.

I haven't looked myself, but at OLS last week, Andreas Dilger 
was talking about block/ext2/ext3-type limits, and the number
I remember is 16 TB.  I presume that's actually 2^(31+9),
that is, a signed count of sectors.  I don't recall whether 
xfs/jfs/reiserfs presented a different limit, or whether 16 TB
was only for post-2.4 kernels.

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