Abit xT7 USB2 FireWire interconnect?

hanzl at noel.feld.cvut.cz hanzl at noel.feld.cvut.cz
Mon Jul 1 08:21:30 PDT 2002

Did any adventure-prone soul here on the list try/consider building
small cluster using USB2 (and FireWire) interconnect of Abit IT7
boards (3 FireWire ports, 10 USB2 ports)?

These boards seem to recall old times when switch had viable

Does IP over USB2 work?

Do 4+6 USB2 ports on 2 controllers give twice USB2 aggregate speed, or
something else?

Does IP over FireWire work?

Does channel bonding of these work???

Seemes like good chance for somebody to be really creative and hook
say 6 motherboards to hub only (there is onboard Realtek 8100BL 10/100
Eth) and then spend few nice weeks with USB2 and FireWire cables,
trying to achieve mostly more-than-GigE interconnect speed ;-)

Best Regards


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