installing ifc on AMD Athlon

Eduardo Melione Abreu melione at
Thu Jan 31 05:07:34 PST 2002

(sorry about copies)


I installed ifc (v. 5.0.01) on AMD K6-II 450mhz with Linux Slackware 7.1,
8.0, and Red Hat 7.1 (all with 2.2.19 kernel). The compiler works fine.

So, I tryed to install ifc on AMD Athlon 900mhz, with Linux Slackware
8.0 (2.2.19 kernel). When I execute "./install", this message returns:

"RPM shows no Intel packages as installed.
This install doesn't recognize your computer's hardware architecture."

Do anybody have any idea about what is wrong?
(The previous messages tell success using ifc and AMD Athlon.)


Eduardo Melione.

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