notes on new power mac (was Re: clusters v SMP)

Mark Hahn hahn at
Wed Jan 30 09:28:46 PST 2002

> > yeah, a friend of mine pointed that out.  I'm horrified that
> > Apple's rah-rah-marketing has insideously contaminated my brain!
> > so basically, if you want near-commodity 64b pointers, you're screwed.
> > at least if/until AMD does their hammer series...
> You can get a Sun Blade 100 or Netra X1 for $1000.  Does that count?

well, I suppose it might be possible to want big address space,
but not give a damn about performance, but that seems like a stretch.

ie, blade100 delivers a measly 175/182 spec2k int/fp, versus 724/642
for a cheaper PC clone (AthXP2000).

it's astonishing to me that Sun even sells these 1998-era machines...
then again, they make their other products look good.

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