AMD Athlon with Intel Fortran Compiler

Craig Tierney ctierney at
Mon Jan 28 15:40:26 PST 2002

He have a 25 node cluster.  We bought one Intel Fortran
License.  You install the compiler where you compile, and
not where you run.  We asked Intel about it just in case,
and they said that was ok.

So far I have only seen the Lahey compiler have a licensing
plan that you have to license it for every node of the cluster,
and not just where you compile.  I pointed this out to them
at SC2001 and they gave me the impression that it was news to
them that other vendors (Intel, PGI) did not require a license
on every node.


> On Fri, Jan 25, 2002 at 09:41:45AM -0700, Craig Tierney wrote:
> > I ran the Intel Fortran Compiler on an dual 1.2 Ghz AMD system.
> > I was seen speed improvements of 10-30% over the Portland
> > Group compiler on 3 different fortran 77 codes.
> > I was using the SSE instructions when compiling.
> This is all very nice, but has anybody actually been able to buy the
> Intel compilers? I mean a license that can be used on a multi-user
> Beowulf cluster? The only quotes (on the web site and when I contacted
> Intel or I got were for single user licenses.
> That is useless for a Beowulf cluster at a university where the users
> change continuously.
> I asked for a license based on the number of concurrent users or
> something similar. I have not heard anything from them ever since ...
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