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Mon Jan 28 08:11:41 PST 2002


First, have your read the FAQ 
linked to from

It sounds like you have a pre-existing network of workstations that you 
want to run
parallel applications on.  In this case, you probably want to install an 
implementation of
a parallel environment like MPI or PVM.  The fastest way (for you) would 
be to find rpm
packages of MPICH or LAM-MPI (for MPI) and PVM.  You probably have one
or more of these packages if you have the CDs, but you can also look at

It is also easy to install these packages from source.

You will also probably want a way to execute the same command across the
entire cluster.  Mandrake comes with a useful tool called pconsole  You may also want to try Scalable Unix 
Tools  Another is
There are others.  I just remembered

Of course a cluster distribution will generally have all of this (and 
more) figured out for you.

prashs08 at wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>I'm new to this world, I'm trying to build a Linux cluster, can anyone
>suggest the best approach, I got about 16 nodes to be setup in my system.
>I'm running redhat 7.2 and mandrake 8.1.
>Please send me links also where I can learn more.
>Thank you in advance
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