cluster frustrations

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Wed Jan 16 09:01:05 PST 2002

> I've tried to install Rocks a number of times. I got through (once)
> to where the compute nodes were up, but I haven't been able to get
> the latest version to work yet. In fairness, I haven't tried
> contacting their list even though they seem willing to help - I'm
> just too discouraged or shy I guess.

We're happy to help, just let us know what weirdness you're seeing.
For our software the bottom line is if RedHat supports it so do we.
If it doesn't work on RedHat it's fairly nasty hardware (but still
possible).  We've also got a very friendly user base now with other
people answering questions before we do.
> A reference showing how many OTHER people can manage to install
> clusters: proving I must
> be the village idiot.

This certainly isn't true.  If you cannot setup a cluster it's our
fault not yours.  Clusters are still way too difficult to setup, run,
and upgrade - that's why we're still here.  I think I speak for the
other groups here also.  Try them all and figure out what works for

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