Queueing problem

Peter H. Koenig Peter.Koenig at phys.upb.de
Wed Jan 16 02:59:29 PST 2002


recently we acquired new machines we want to integrate into our
computational workforce. We are currently using a DQS complex (A) of
The new machines are integrated into two complexes:
(B) a beowulf-style cluster of Linux-PC including a headnode mainly for
parallel applications and development
(C) a pool of workstations for a (student-) computer lab, which can be
used for short calculations
We are also planning on investing in a further cluster (D) which may be
open for other groups.
Since the user base for each of the complexes (except for A and B) is
different we think that we might need to separate the complexes.
The jobs are to be submitted on the workstations (A) and routed to the
appropriate queue for execution. The submission and routing of jobs
should be possible with least involvement of the user. It should be
possible to restrict routing to other complexes to certain rules e.g.
routing to the computer lab should only be possible if a given
percentage of the queues there is idle (for allowing local submissions
of jobs, which should start without larger delays).

Can this be accomplished transparently to the user ? Can someone point
me to a queuing software which allows the specification of such rules
(even if this means quitting DQS)?

As far as I understand the documentation, DQS _does_ allow routing to
other complexes, but I have neither seen any information on how this can
be accomplished nor on whether rules for routing can be specified.

Peter Koenig

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