Dual Athlon MP 1U units

W Bauske wsb at paralleldata.com
Sat Jan 26 00:30:04 PST 2002

Velocet wrote:
> Whats the power dissipation of running dual 1.2 GHz Mp's? How about for
> 1.33Ghz regular athlons in non-SMP configs as comparison? (As well, how much
> heat comes off typical power supplies to run these systems?)

My TigerMP XP1600 duals take about 1.7amps at 125v.

Forgot the formula to convert to btu's. Vaguely remember a factor
of around 3.42. Not sure if that was for Watt's or VoltAmps. Assuming
a VA is approximately a Watt, 212.5 * 3.42 = 727 btu per system. 

At least with that you can calculate your AC load for a rack. Say 40
1U's per rack, 29080 btu's. A ton of AC is 12000 btu's. So, 2.5 ton's
of AC per rack. Course, you have 40x1.7 amps going into the rack for
a power load of 68 Amps at 125v.

Those that know the real numbers, please correct. A VA is really around
.7 - .8 watts, so these calculations are high by maybe 20%. Figure
the extra allows you to plug in the switches/peripherals/servers in addition 
to the nodes.


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