AMD Athlon with Intel

Bill Hilf bill at
Fri Jan 25 09:37:31 PST 2002

Craig Tierney wrote:
> I ran the Intel Fortran Compiler on an dual 1.2 Ghz AMD system.
> I was seen speed improvements of 10-30% over the Portland
> Group compiler on 3 different fortran 77 codes.
> I was using the SSE instructions when compiling.
> The Intel compilers are fast, they are just a bit quirky sometimes.
> They complain about Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 syntax unless you tell
> it not too.  It didn't like some of the code and would complain with
> internal compiler errors until I reorganized some code.  I never got
> my Fortran 90 program to run with optmization.  I don't think it
> is all F90 codes just mine had some syntax that it couldn't digest.

Slightly related -- does anyone have a url(s) for recent Athlon vs.
Intel benchmarks?  Particularly for comp chem applications?



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