CCL:Largest Linux Cluster?

Ron Brightwell rbbrigh at
Thu Jan 24 10:30:04 PST 2002

> > 
> > Can anyone tell me what is currently the largest linux-based workstation
> > cluster that has been successfully deployed and is being used for
> > computational chemistry studies?  (largest = number of nodes regardless of
> > the speed of each node).
> > 
> Sandia National Laboratories has C-Plant that runs Linux in addition to several
> layers of home-grown OS on several thousand nodes. The basic node is a DEC 
> ev6 with myranet (sp). They use no local disk, opting for a huge disk farm.

Our largest Cplant cluster is currently 1792 compute nodes.  They are all
currently running Linux 2.2.18.  We don't really do anything special to the
OS, other than add some modules for our Portals communication layer and our
parallel runtime environment, so there's not "several layers of home-grown OS".

I know that we have application groups doing computational chemistry codes,
but I can't give any details about what they are or how they are using Cplant.


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