A couple of questions

Art Edwards edwards at icantbelieveimdoingthis.com
Sat Jan 19 08:24:04 PST 2002

I'm using SCYLD beowulf (27Bz-7) with fair success. I have a couple of 
unrelated questions:
I should point out that I'm only using 100MB ethernet through a 100MB ethernet 
switch. Also, the nodes are AMD athlon 1.4 GHz.

1. Does anyone have experience running GAMESS-US under Scyld? I'm running 
using the MPI version and I'm getting seemingly perfect scaling at 1.8x each
time I double the number of processors. Has anyone had better experience? 
The author claims we should be getting nearly perfect doubling (using the
sockets version) for a linux-ethernet cluster. 

2. In upgrading to 27Bz-8 has anyone had any difficulty? Are there clear 
advantages for a network that is running ethernet?

3. Is there a simple bpsh command to remove all files from /tmp on the slave 
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