cluster frustrations

Mark Hahn hahn at
Wed Jan 16 12:09:33 PST 2002

> This is why server-class, error-correcting hardware exists.

uh, let's not go too far!  it's quite possible to drive
well-chosen and carefully-configured commodity hardware
100%, 24/7, wire-speed, platter-level, etc.  but it definitely
requires a certain amount of luck/study/experience.

there are shortcuts, of course.  for instance, you can buy
very nicely configured building blocks from compaq/dell/etc,
usually from their "business desktop/workstation" lines
and expect robustness under load, albeit often at a slightly
lower performance and/or higher price than white-box,
hand-picked-with-TLC parts...

I still think that beowulf implies commodity parts, which 
in many cases rules out "server-class".

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