charmm scalability on 2.4 kernels

Peter H. Koenig Peter.Koenig at
Wed Jan 16 02:47:45 PST 2002

  Bogdan Costescu wrote:
  > That is actually what I have observed during the last 3 years of
  > different versions of kernels, MPI libraries and CHARMM. Running
  > only one transport (TCP or shared mem) is always better than mixing
  > f.e (using LAM-6.5.6):
  > CPUs    nodes   real time (min)         transports
  > 4       4       5.95                    TCP
  > 4       2       7.08                    TCP+USYSV
  > As you can see, the difference is quite significant.
  Do you also have the numbers for 2 dual nodes using only TCP ?
  Peter Koenig

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