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Hello Maurice,

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> >Steve--thanks for the note.
> >Isn't the new Xeon package going to be 478 pins, same as the
> >"Northwood" version of the P4?  or am I getting confused here.
> >
> >Will the supermicro boards such as the P4DC6+ or P4DCE+ support
> >the new,"prestonia" xeons or just the old ones?
> >I am seeing vendors that claim the boards will but on
> >the board spec sheet itself it only talks about the 603-pin package
> >which I assume is the older "foster" package.  Is that right?
> >
> >Steve Timm
> You are right.
> The 860 chipset is designed for 603 style packages..
> Maybe they ARE coming out with faster XEONs, but so far I 
> have seen nothing 
> from Intel indicating this for this socket.. And we are an 
> Intel OEM and 
> server builder program member.

Intel has on their web site news about the new 2.2Ghz Xeon.

Intel® Xeon(tm) Processor
Performance, Scalability, and Value for Dual-Processor-Based Workstations 

The Intel® Xeon(tm) processor with Intel® NetBurst(tm) microarchitecture is
Intel's newest, most advanced 32-bit microarchitecture for workstations.
Designed to deliver superior performance, scalability, and reliability, the
Intel Xeon processor is ideally suited for the most demanding workstation
applications. The Intel Xeon processor extends the bandwidth and
performance-enhancing features of the Intel NetBurst microarchitecture with
dual-processor support, providing even greater performance for
multi-threaded applications and multitasking environments. Intel Xeon
processor-based workstations deliver exceptional floating-point performance
for enhanced 3D visualization and intensive scientific calculations. 

The World's Most Technologically Advanced IA-32 Workstation Systems Today
Dual-processor workstations based on the Intel® Xeon(tm) processor are the
most advanced, powerful systems in the IA-32 family. Intel Xeon processors
are designed to deliver performance, headroom, and scalability for existing
and emerging workstation applications, especially multi-threaded and
multitasking applications. Intel Xeon processors maximize performance,
productivity, and reliability with the following features: 

Dual-processor support 
512K L2 advanced transfer cache memory 
Intel® NetBurst(tm) microarchitecture 
400-MHz data bus frequency 
On-die thermal sensor 
System management bus 
Intel® 860 chipset support >>>>>>>>>603-pin µPGA Package with Dual-Processor

There's more but didn't want to bore everyone.


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