Bizarre problems when adding a PPC machine...

Pete Wyckoff pw at
Mon Jan 14 05:57:25 PST 2002

john at said:
> I really hate to bother the mailing list but this one has me somewhat 
> stumped.  I have a four node cluster comprising Linux machines and one 
> PPC machine.  The Linux machines have been adequately tested and play 
> well together.  That PPC machine is another matter.  When I include the 
> PPC machine (a Mac 8500 running YellowDog Linux) in my network 
> cluster... well things fall apart.  Here's what appears on the console 
> after running a simple test on my "root" node....
> [john at adenine examples]$ ./mpirun -np 4 simpleio
> p2_9722:  p4_error: Could not allocate memory for commandline args: 
> 553648128

Looks like endianness problems in mpich.  Complain to those developers,
with followup to this list in case others run into the same problem

		-- Pete

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