Fastest Intel Processors

W Bauske wsb at
Sat Jan 12 01:10:21 PST 2002

Rayson Ho wrote:
> The sad thing is that that aren't any good compilers that target
> Athlon. And keep in mind that AMD is using the Intel compiler for
> running SPEC.

I suspect the compilers they used (Intel C++ 5.0.1 build 010727Z,
Intel Fortran 5.0.1 build 010727Z, and Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6) are
pretty up to date. Interesting they chose to use Intel's compiler
on their chip.

> A lot of tuning is needed in order to get good SPEC results. But if you
> look at real world applications, AMD is same or better that Intel, even
> for FP code, and also the price is cheaper too.

The problem with Ace's and several other standard sites is they don't
actually compile the applications. They just live with what the app
vendor did which is mostly irrelevant for folks who compile their own
codes. That does apply for people who use a Winxx box though so it is
relevant to that audience. I can guarantee the binaries I generate for a
P4 will not run on any Athlon though. (SSE2)


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