export disks from nodes?

hanzl at noel.feld.cvut.cz hanzl at noel.feld.cvut.cz
Fri Jan 11 10:35:11 PST 2002

>>  # bpsh 0 rpc.mountd --no-nfs-version 3
>>  svc_tcp.c - cannot getsockname or listen: Invalid argument
>>  mountd: cannot create tcp service.
>> ** Any explanation is more than welcome. **
>I guessing that the rpc.mountd code doesn't have a default port if
>/etc/services doesn't provide a port number.

Bad luck. Behaves the same with /etc/services. Now I have:

 # bpsh 0 ls /etc

  exports ld.so.cache localtime mtab sswitch.conf protocols rpc services

 # bpsh 0 ls -R /var
  /var: lib lock nis run
  /var/lib: nfs
  /var/lib/nfs: sm sm.bak state
  /var/lock: subsys

Any other idea?

(Well, I know I should find full sources and look...)

> A quick description of the BeoNSS name service.
> ...

Thanks a lot for description.



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