Fastest Intel Processors

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Fri Jan 11 08:13:26 PST 2002

The 2.2 Ghz cpus have just been released.  This generation
of cpu is built at 0.13 microns and has twice as big of a 
L2 cache (512 KB).   These are the single processor versions.
The Xeon (smp) chips should follow shortly (I am guessing).  
Go look at the roadmaps at  They tend to
be accurate.

I have not heard that there is a problem with the 2.0 Ghz.  Is
it a problem with RedHat or the Linux kernel specifically?  We
had no problems with the 1.7 Ghz Xeon chips, but they are not the
2.0 Ghz that you are talking about.


On Fri, Jan 11, 2002 at 07:03:35AM -0800, Rob Simac wrote:
>   What is the fastest Intel processors available to the public?  Have
> the 2.0 Ghz been released?  I have also heard rumors that the 2.0 Ghz
> has problems running with Red Hat 7.1.  Has anyone else heard this?
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