beowulf at RDU airport (Raleigh-Durham, NC, USA)

Robert G. Brown rgb at
Tue Jan 8 13:02:46 PST 2002

On Tue, 8 Jan 2002, Joseph Mack wrote:

> I was surprised to see a beowulf at RDU airport on a recent departure.
> Rather than a stack of commodity compute nodes, it is a fibreglass statue
> of a wolf, about 4' long x 2' high. The wolf's coat has printed 
> circuit board patterns on it. Being somewhat mystified and 
> having initially assumed I had just a statue of a wolf in front of me,
> I looked at the sign to see the title "Beowulf" with the name of the artist 
> and sponsor on it. The beowulf is on a platform edged by rectangular 
> circuit boards alternately on-end:on-side to give the profile of the 
> top of a castle wall.

Dear Joe and Greg,

Hmmm, if that is the blue wolf with the exotic cooling fins on the back
that I passed yesterday dropping off my mother-in-law at the airport one
has to ask:

    Does a beo-wulf run any faster in the snow?

(Recalling our long discussion of exotic cooling mechanisms for cpus and
noting our recent heavy snow...;-)

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