Shared diskspace between nodes

Jens Ihamo JIHAMO at
Tue Jan 8 03:38:34 PST 2002

Hi,  have a look @ AFS - can be configured to do exactly what you described
in the scenario.
Theres both commercial IBM AFS with support etc,  and free OpenAFS
Other options include Coda and Arla, but AFS seems to be considered mature
code and
most widely used in the field NCSA,CERN etc.

Jens Ihamo

>From: "Jon E. Mitchiner" <jon at>
>To: <beowulf at>
>Subject: Shared diskspace between nodes
>Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 14:36:42 -0500
>I presently run a 40-node cluster, Dual 1GHz with 20GB hard drive on each
>system.  This gives me roughly 15GB (safe estimate) after the OS,
>programs, some data, etc on each machine.  This gives me roughly 600GB of
>space that I am not currently utilizing on 40 nodes.
>Jon E. Mitchiner
>Minotaur Technologies
>AOL IM [] MinotaurT

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