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Maybe the Parallel Virtual Filesystem could be a good start:

- From my experience it's pretty stable. There are others, like GFS (  but I have not tried them yet


On Monday 07 January 2002 19:36, Jon E. Mitchiner wrote:
> Greetings!
> I presently run a 40-node cluster, Dual 1GHz with 20GB hard drive on each
> system.  This gives me roughly 15GB (safe estimate) after the OS, installed
> programs, some data, etc on each machine.  This gives me roughly 600GB of
> space that I am not currently utilizing on 40 nodes.
> Right now, we are saving data on various nodes, and moving it around when
> space gets tight on a machine.  This is getting time consuming as some of
> us have to look on different nodes to find out where your data is currently
> residing.  I am considering saving all directory names in a database and
> then making a GUI interface via the web so its easy to find the location of
> data directories, rather than looking for it (especially if someone moved
> my directory to another machine without letting me know).
> I am curious if there is a program out there that might be able to utilize
> the space that we are not utilizing -- such as linking the file space
> between nodes so that way I can set up a "large" data partition sharable by
> all nodes.  Some redunancy would be nice.  Im curious if there is a
> software solution (either GPL licensed, or commercial) to utilize the space
> better.
> Optimally, it would be nice to see all "shared" drives as one large
> partition to be mounted to all nodes and all the data is handled by a
> daemon or something like that.
> Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or programs that might be able to
> do something similar?
> Thanks!
> Regards,
> Jon E. Mitchiner
> Minotaur Technologies
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