memory leak

Brian LaMere blamere at
Wed Dec 18 13:15:27 PST 2002

The NFS server is running the proprietary OS from EMC named "dart" they use
on their Celeras (and possibly other things).  It had a firmware-ish update
during November to the NAS code for fix a user mapping bug, but that's about
it.  The Celera is a cabinet that does nothing other than nfs and cifs.
While I didn't cripple the whole cabinet, I did cripple a datamover inside
it (the primary datamover for the filesystems I was accessing).

I just checked, and there have been no configuration changes on there in the
last couple months


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"Brian LaMere" <blamere at> writes:

 > I have updated absolutely nothing on the cluster since Sept24, nor
 > have I made a single parameter change.  Nothing is different other
 > than the files on the nfs server, and possibly some settings on the
 > nfs server itself (though I can't figure out how any server
 > settings would cause deterioration over time, instead of relatively
 > initial issues).

I don't know either, but given the whole thing's a mystery, I'd put
the settings back & see if it has any effect.

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