memory leak

Wed Dec 18 09:13:25 PST 2002

"Brian LaMere" <blamere at> writes:

 > It was not until a month ago that performance started becoming an issue,
 > however.  And it was not until yesterday that the cluster almost crippled
 > the NFS server.

Given that this started a month ago, I'm going to ask an obvious
question, which presumably you've already checked, but you didn't
mention it in your messages.  Has any software or hardware on the
machines changed in this period?  This includes kernels, libs, apps,
configs, network cards, etc. on the NFS server, the cluster machines,
the routers/hubs, DNS, etc.  Has the mix of jobs or the jobs
themselves running on the cluster changed?  I'd do "find / -mtime -90"
& especially check NFS configs.

Harvey Stein
Bloomberg LP
hjstein at

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