Implementing a Beowulf into the Computer Forensics Process?

Jason Fuller eforensics at
Wed Dec 18 07:50:11 PST 2002

I am interested in a question posted early in one of our forensics emailing 
lists.  I want to implement a beowulf designed network into the computer 
forensics examination process.  Does anyone currently use a beowulf for 
examinations and if so, how are you incorporating it into the process. For 
example, if you are using a windows based app such as Access Data or 
Guidance Software how are you "merging" the examinations into the beowulf 
network. Or on the other hand, if you are using @Stake's software (some 
linux-based app), how could this be implemented.

I believe the earlier post was presented from a college student researching 
this possibility for a research paper.


Jason Fuller

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