Neural Network applications using Beowulf

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Fri Dec 6 17:13:22 PST 2002

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> * Karen Shaeffer (shaeffer at [021122 06:54]:
> > May I suggest you read these books:
> <snip>
> > Ralf Herbrich; Learning Kernel Classifiers, Theory and Algorithms; MIT
> > Press, 2002
> I'd like to point out this paper too #  X. Yao, ``Evolving artificial
> neural networks,''  Proceedings of the IEEE, 87(9):1423-1447, September
> 1999. (, which you may download from:
> it is the second of the list
> I've found it very valuable, either for the exposition and for the
> bibliography

I was just reading it, and found a little paragraph that would be of interest
for those that didn't think that a EANN is not a real EANN if it doesn't
implement crossover :
"It is shown that evolutionary algorithms relying on crossover operators do
not perform very well in searching for a near-optimal ANN architecture."

So I guess unless you have your architecture already worked out, you
 shouldn't use cross-over....
Or alternatively the paper by Xin Yao is wrong.....
I personally think that Xin is right.



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