Newbie - help. Cluster specifications for ls-dyna.

Robin Laing Robin.Laing at
Thu Dec 5 13:37:00 PST 2002


I have been working on specifications for some additional servers for 
our small (4 node) cluster.  We are using gigabit ethernet (copper) 
switches to join the nodes.

Our cluster will be running ls-dyna and is presently based on Scyld 
Beowulf software.

I am looking at dual Xeon or Athlon processors.  The Athlons are a 
lower cost option but I have concerns about the Floating point 
differences between each processor.  I have searched the web and found 
that each has it's own benefits and can depend on the type of application.

I have used linux since 1994 so I am not totally lost.

As I have no experience with clusters or ls-dyna, I need some help and 
all help will be appreciated.

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