IEEE 1394

Eray Ozkural eozk at
Wed Dec 4 23:20:34 PST 2002

A while ago I had asked whether there were any existing clusters using 
firewire IIRC. I had also found a similar query on this list, asked some time 
before me, but I don't have the link right now.

I had even developed a design, unfortunately no professors had shown interest 
in it at Bilkent. There are interface cards containing 3 firewire ports with 
aforementioned bandwidth/latency characteristics which makes them excellent 
point-to-point connection devices. With a suitably high performance kernel 
router, this would make the construction of high performance static-network 
distributed memory machines an ordinary feat.

Each node would have 2 of those interface cards, totaling to 6 firewire ports. 
64 nodes can be connected in hybercube topology resulting in a high 
performance supercomputer.

If anybody wants me to come and help build it, just send me a job offer :)


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