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> G'day all,
> I've been wandering, whether there are any of you that use Java in your 
> clusters.
> Ifso, how do you find the speed compared to other langauges/environments ?
> I do almost all of my development in Java, simply because I find it so much 
> faster to prototype in.

I haven't used either of these, but I have a group of programmers who were 
also looking at java-based cluster toolkits and saw these recently.

"Manta compiles Java source codes to x86 executables. Manta supports the complete Java 1.1 language, including exceptions, garbage collection and dynamic class loading. Manta also supports some Java extentions, such as the JavaParty programming model (the 'remote' keyword), replicated objects (described at JavaGrande 2000), and efficient divide and conquer parallelism (the 'spawn' and 'sync' keywords from cilk). The divide and conquer system is called 'Satin' and was described at Euro-Par 2000 and PPoPP'01. Furthermore, we have built a distributed shared memory (DSM) system on top of Manta, called Jackal"

"We present Jcluster toolkit, a high-performance Java parallel environment, implemented entirely in Java. Jcluster automatically balances resource load across the large-scale heterogeneous cluster with a transitive random stealing algorithm and provides simple high-performance PVM-like and MPI-like message passing interfaces with multithreaded communications using UDP protocol."


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