Java clustering....

Tim Wait waitt at
Sun Dec 1 08:02:51 PST 2002

> I've been wandering, whether there are any of you that use Java in your 
> clusters.

I have a few users who use Java for some EP genetic stuff.
I also have a group of users that have a sunblade running
an oracle server tied into a Myrinet cluster, doing
java/web based data-mining. That is, there are a boatload
of java server processes running on each node - As far as I'm
concerned, this isn't HPC - so I just ignore them for the most
part -- they paid for the equipment. The latencies must
be horrendous. It is running IP over Myrinet on the other hand...

> Ifso, how do you find the speed compared to other langauges/environments ?
> I do almost all of my development in Java, simply because I find it so much 
> faster to prototype in.

I haven't looked at this for awhile. Looks like there are a few
beta implemenations of faster communication libraries or native
compilers that purport to have much lower comm latencies than RMI.

Anyone else have numbers to bandy about?


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