Wanted: Good mobo for Intel 850E chipset and 1066 RDRAM

Jeff Nguyen jeff at aslab.com
Fri Aug 30 12:37:12 PDT 2002

> > OK, we're thinking about the Asus P4T533 motherboards with 1066 RAMBUS
> > memory.  This is a 16-node cluster upgrade.  Our old network was
> have you considered waiting for the upcoming intel dual-ddr chipset?
> > kernel.  Unfortunately, the Asus motherboards only have 32bit/33Mhz
> > PCI slots.  As best as we can figure, this will shave a factor of 2
> gross.  I'd be astonished of the dual-ddr chipset didn't have pci-x,
> and quite possibly builtin gigabit.

Be careful what you wish for. :)


ASL Inc.

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