Adaptec 39160 Controller

Timothy W. Moore moor007 at
Fri Aug 30 09:19:55 PDT 2002

I know this forum is inappropriate for this question, but I will ask 
anyway since I am sure someone is using one.  I am trying to create a 
fileserver for my BW cluster.  I purchased a 39160 an placed it in a 
dual athlon MP system and began installing RH 7.3.  It begins by saying 
it is searching for the driver.  The computer hangs because it never 
finds it.  Adaptec says the drivers are on the RH CD.  I placed an IDE 
drive in the system and installed RH.  After placing the card in the 
system again, it boots, and kudzu configures the card.  I am unable to 
see my disk drive so, I reboot.  It then goes into a hibernation state 
when "updating /etc/fstab".  Does anyone have a suggestion?


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