Scyld, RMI, and ProActive

Simon Frost sdfrost at
Thu Aug 29 16:42:07 PDT 2002

Dear Beowulf list,

I'm sure that this is a dumb question, but I am a relative newbie...

I'm trying to get RMI working on my Scyld system.  I'm using the ProActive 
libraries (, which make the whole RMI 
thing much easier.  The problem is, when I try to create an RMI node on a 
slave in the RMI registry, it only puts a node on the master, not on the 
slave i.e.

./ rmi://.1/1

puts a JVM on the master node (-1), rather than on node 1.

Alternatively, I can bpsh to the node in question:

bpsh .1 (fullpath)/ rmi://.1/1

This initially mounts a node, but then I get an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds 

Any ideas?

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