undergrad senior project idea, help

Tintin J Marapao cjereme at ucla.edu
Thu Aug 29 16:03:04 PDT 2002

I work in one of  UCLA's Labs and we have a decent beowulf..8 nodes that
does mpi, som etc kohonen stuff...I think any school will benefit from the
knowledge they get from building and running beowulf.


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> Hello!
> If I understood your question correctly, you're interested in being able
> to make additional business cases to your school's administrators to
> explain why purchasing the gear to construct a cluster would continue to
> be useful to the school as well as an interesting project. If I've got
> it wrong, please ignore the rest. =]
> After a glance at the your university's catalog, I see that you've got
> both engineering and science schools with majors in Physics, Engineering
> Physics, Biology, Applied Computer Science, and Electrical and Computer
> Engineering.
> Any of these disciplines might have uses for a computing cluster. While
> I'm no expert in any of those fields -- I'm not even a qualified
> amateur! -- here's a fast crib sheet of potential applications for those
> majors.
> - Your biologists may want to use some of the same applications
>   (BLAST, CHARMM, etc.) as are currently used in the field
> - Those in physics-related disciplines may be interested in doing
>   all manner of simulations (high-energy, plasma, CFD, etc.). Search
>   the list archives for the author "Robert G. Brown" for many (!)
>   well-reasoned bits of insight into that area.
> - Your engineers might like to use a cluster to help speed along their
>   electronic design and simulation work.
> ...and there's no limit to how much Computer Science can be Applied to
> writing software for a cluster. They'll learn terms like MPI, PVM, NUMA,
> and others that shouldn't be shared in public. =]
> Oh, and then there's animation and visual effects, but we're a small,
> noisy crowd that's mostly caught up in distributed computing (lots of
> boxes, each independent of the others). But we get to make pretty
> pictures and other folks seem to like 'em.
> For more information and applications, I'd recommend doing some searches
> in the list archives at:
>    http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=beowulf&r=1&w=2
> Hope that's helpful!
> --j
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